Solid Waste Management
We have priortized Solid Waste Management as our first Actionable as it has lot of impact on environment. We spread awareness on Waste Segregation at Source in residential and commercial premises.Our Waste Management consultancy is a complete circle approach from aligning the service provider, training if staff, Spreading awareness and monitoring the progress. We want to promote effective waste Management at food chains to achieve Healthy Environment Encourage Recycling Improve life of rag pickers, and save animals We use Educational Material that is aligned with MCG Guidelines. In future we want to promote Zero Waste Household Models to reduce burden on landfill We have also covered events where the vendor who come from promotion are also trained by our already trained house keeping staff. The dry waste after the event is sold to recycler and the amount goes to House Keeping Staff for appreciating their efforts.
Good Human Health
Everything is linked to each other. Waste management , Green sorroundings leads to good health. However these times are not usual. Pandemic has given rise to new challenges and opportunities.
Our NGO – Meant4Environment Foundation took initiative in remote village of Bihar to create awareness for fighting corona Do gaj ki doori Mask hai jaroori Sabun se haath dhona Vaccine bhagaye corona Our Volunteers explained Corona protocals to people and encouraged them to get vaccinated. Free Masks and Soaps were also distributed during various events and this is an ongoing project.
Consumer Awareness
A simple term that carries the power of education and awareness. The two basic focus areas are: Female Rights, and Consumer rights Our qualified legal expert leads all the programs related spreading awareness on the selected topics. He along with his team explains to people how to know that you are buying the original , be it be online or offline shopping. He also helps females struggling for their rights, be it be domestic violence, sexual assault or their rights at work place. He coordinates support for them from various other experts and organizations.

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