Training Initiatives

Every one of us have boundaries, limits…We can just run so fast, we can jump so high and go for so long without water…
Human perception has a direct impact on how we see our own world & how we set our own boundaries… 
Horizon is a boundary beyond which we cannot see, Interestingly, our own horizons are the ones that we set up in our own minds… 
Regardless of how we acquire our own boundaries, they help us navigate in the world…
Wide Horizon
Wide Horizon help push boundaries in the world of business…In the world of pharma & healthcare business… as our core expertise & strength is built in this world, which is knowledge driven.
Wide Horizon offer Business Training solutions that work on the concept of ‘same size indeed doesn’t fit all. We tailor our offerings based on your business model which is very unique to an organization’s existence.
We offer functional and process training solutions for knowledge-intensive sectors as well as behavioral and soft skills training solutions such that the people can come up to an agreed level of proficiency.
We are on our journey to widen the horizons….in the minds…in the businesses…in the market place… in Corporate Organization, in Schools and Universities
Details of a few of our training and developmental solutions are as follows
1. For Students and Interns-  Motivational and confidence-building Workshops  to aspire them to achieve their career goals 
1. Communication Skills, beyond content
2. Interview Skills
3. Entrepreneurial Skills
4. Self Development- optimizing yourself
5. Staying focussed and Stress Management
2. For Faculty in the skilling and education sector-To enhance their capability to bring about a visible change in students by empowering them with skills and techniques.
The topics covered in workshops are
1. Communication skills for Teachers/Trainers
2. Mentoring Techniques
3. Adult Learning Principles
4. Activity-based techniques of Transforming Students
5. Parents and Students counseling

3. For Corporates – To enhance organization environment and Profitability

1. PRIDE- Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence (Behavioral and Motivational training, Time Management, Stress Management, Accountability training)
2. SMILE- Style Matters in Leveraging Excellence (Communication, Relationship Building, Selling Skills, Client handling and Conflict Management)
3. PoSH- Prevention of Sexual Harrasment at work place. PoSH training of employees is a must at any corporation to make all employees understand all the norms of the Act which will help management to reduce such cases at workplace and also help them to handle complaints appropriately, if any

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